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Fashion moves at the speed of light and finally there is a ranking that reflects the business’ fast pace. Trending shines a light on the fascinating faces who are doing big things - whether it is scoring a major cover/campaign, landing a role in a feature film, or making headlines worldwide, the faces featured here are excelling. With news coming in constantly and different people making waves throughout pop culture this list will always be growing, changing and updating. Check back often to see just who is on trend.


- If a model, they can be ranked or un-ranked.
- Must be engaged in a relevant or newsworthy activity i.e. getting a major cover, appearing on television or on film, or participating in a noteworthy event.
Liu Wen
Paloma Elsesser
Esther Ca?adas
Fran Summers
Luna Bijl
Saskia de Brauw
Anok Yai
Hailey Bieber
Maggie Cheng
Serena Williams
Adèle Farine
Jill Kortleve
Klara Kristin
Laetitia Casta
Lola Nicon
Malika El Maslouhi
Maty Fall
Assa Baradji
Vittoria Ceretti
Vittoria Ceretti
Halima Aden
Marjan Jonkman
Nicole Atieno
Sharon Alexie
Shayna McNeill
Jess Cole
Kukua Williams
Malgosia Bela
Grace Elizabeth
Karmen Pedaru
Adwoa Aboah
Anok Yai
Blesnya Minher
Diya Prabhakar
Georgina Grenville
He Cong
Nour Rizk
Shayna McNeill
Achenrin Madit
Eniola Abioro
Lineisy Montero
Mona Tougaard
Mona Tougaard
Rianne Van Rompaey
Tara Halliwell
Blesnya Minher
Carlijn Jacobs
Julia Nobis
Klara Kristin
Lexi Boling
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